Nader Abu Ghattas

Dr.Nader Abu Ghattas is an Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering, Dr.Nader has his PHD degree from Leningrad State University of Technology, Russia, in Electrical Systems and Networks.

Dr. Nader worked in (Pivot Engineering Company) in Abu Dhabi from 1985 till 1988.

Since 1991, Dr.Nader worked in the Electronic Engineering Department, and from 1994-1996 served as head of the department.

From 2005-2009 he headed the Department of Electronic Engineering and communication, from 1997-1999 Dr.Nader was a committee member of the Palestinian Standards Institution. 

Since 1995, Dr.Nader joined the department of Electrical Engineering, Dual Studies and become a department member in 2019.

Dr.Nader teaches electrical circuits, electrical machines, thermodynamics, power generation and electrical engineering.

His research interests is renewable energy and signal processing. 

Al-Quds University