Musa Bajali

I was born in East Jerusalem – Palestine in 1963. Jerusalem; the small city that is surrounded by massive struggles and greed, tearing at the hope of those who dream of world justice.

I graduated from Collége Des Fréres Secondary School Bethlehem in 1981 full filing all educational requirements to continue my dental education in Romania.

I got my DDS degree in 1987 from Cluj Napoca, and the Ph.D. in 2002 from Carol Davila Bucharest, Romania.

I started my professional life in the private sector that gave me the opportunity to feel the needs of the patients and increased my awareness to the need for well-trained and well-educated dentists.

This experience has extended my horizon and made me discover interests in the academia.

It was an excellent opportunity to work on investing minds and growing souls committed to the welfare of the patients, by developing my professional competence through continuing education to provide high quality of treatment plan to meet the patient’s desires.

To use implants as replacement to maintain fixed prosthesis possibilities, as well to solve the factors which form obstacles to implement the treatment plan of fixed prosthesis like bone atrophy, and through using Polymer material PDLLA for bone regeneration.

The journey to meet the need and desires of the patients led me to the pertinence in advanced minimal invasive dentistry, which encouraged me to attend and to be a member of the global family of the PST seminar to gain the skills which create and augment gingiva, to obtain root coverage, to eliminate sensitivity and to prevent root caries, utilizing minimal incision.

In addition to the above I realized the importance of laser applications.

I work on developing my knowledge and skills in the use of laser in dentistry.

I always believe that the well-being of humankind is the most important goal, and all people individually and collectively must work together side by side to achieve that goal the welfare of humanity to maintain good health education as well justice to reach the high standard of quality of life.

This belief has drawn the map for my professional life and paved the ways toward international scientific and educational cooperation in the dental field to provide opportunities for dental students as well dentists for developing skills and experience to provide high-quality medical services.

In 2011, I attended the Dental Leaders Program SDL 5 under the umbrella of the Global Child Dental Fund, Kings College London, and Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

I was a member of the establishment and recently elected the vice president of the Alliance for Oral Health across Borders.

I firmly believe that real and successful Dentistry is in prevention .

Al-Quds University