Mohannad Qurie

Dr. Qurie is an assistant professor of Environmental Chemistry and Science. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technology from Al-Quds University in 1997. He working as lab Technician in Center for chemical and biological analysis. He obtained master degree in applied industrial technology from Al-Quds University in 2002. Dr. Qurie held Ph.D in Environmental chemistry and science in 2014 from Basilicata University, Italy. Since 2010 he has an academic member of Faculty of science and technology also since 2013 he has been the Director of Center for chemical and biological analysis until 2019.

The area of research interest is the removal of organic pollutant from polluted water as pharmaceutical compounds, and pesticides in addition to heavy metal removal using adsorption and advance oxidation process. Reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture and application of hydroponic systems in water purification, THMs potential formation in swimming pools and Improvement of olive oil quality using antioxidant natural products.

Dr. Qurie has published many manuscripts in international journals, including:

1. Amer Kanan · Mohannad Qurie · Loay awad · Lamis Qdemat. (2019) Seasonal and Spatial Effects on Total Trihalomethane Formation Potential in Groundwater in Tulkarm and Hebron, Palestine”, Euro. Euro-Mediterr J Environ Integr (4), 41.doi:10.1007/s41207-019-0134-9

2. Mohannad Qurie, Sabreen Daghra, Mustafa Khamis , Amer Kanan , Zaher Barghouthi , Abdallah Alimari , and Rafik Karaman . (2019). Application of the Epuvlization Technology for the Tertiary Treatment of Secondary Treated effluents using Geranium Plants. Annals of Agricultural Science AOAS. 64(2), pp. 237-243.

3. Ziad Ayyad. MohannadQurie, Amal Natshe, Saleh Sawalha and Fuad Alrimawi. (2020).Enhance the stability of traditional concentrayted Yoghurt using natural antioxidants additives.Oriental Journal of chemistry.36:(5) 879-888.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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