Mohammed Bayyoud

university in Canada, he also got his BA in Business Administration from Lakehead University, Canada, then got his MA in Financial Services Underwriting form Seneca university in Canada. Mr. Mohammed also got his MSc in Financial Management from the UK. Mr. Bayyoud has more than 15 years of experience in Financial Management and well-honed expertise in financial management needs analysis and evaluation, assessment of businesses’ core operational procedures. Mr. Bayyoud served as owner and Director of Bayyoud’s Financial & Consultancy Services   London, UK, (2014-2018). Mr. Bayyoud has also worked over the years in different high positions such as consultant, Business Director, credit grantor and advisor in Canada and UK.  Mr. Bayyoud has got several professional certificates:

  • Certified Residential Underwriter (CRU) the Real Estate of Canada 1999
  • Certified in Mortgage Lending for Residential Housing (CMHC) 1998
  • Accredited Financial Analyst AFA, by the Global Management and Finance, USA (2015)

Currently he is Head of Finance & Banking Department   at Al Quds University, Jerusalem

He has published several articles in the areas of Finance and Risk management, he is also the author of the Financial Risk Management Book which was published in 2021.

Al-Quds University