Mohammad Shebat

About (Short Biography)

I’m Mohammad Shuibat, from Beit Sahour, I’m 48 years old.
I’m a person with visual impairment since birth.
I got my B.S in English Language & its Literature from the University of Bethlehem in 1993.
Then I taught English as a second language for five years. In 2001, I got a scholarship to study at the US.
In 2003, I got my Master’s degree from the University of Toledo Ohio, in Educational Administration and supervision.
In the same year, I got an assistantship to study for the PHD degree at the same university, in Theory and Social Foundations of Education.
In 2007, I have finished my doctoral degree, then I came back home. In 2008, I was hired at Al Quds University, at Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Research interests

  • Human rights education
  •  Educational Administration and supervision areas
  •  Peace and democratic education
  •  Critical thinking
  •  Pedagogical Education

Teaching Activities

  • Teaching graduate as well as undergraduate level courses
  • Supervising Masters’ Theses


  •  I have already published nine research paper in both Arabic and English Languages, Therefore I applied for the Associate professor rank this year.


Al-Quds University