Mohammad Hjouj

Joined the Medical Imaging Department\Faculty of Health Professions\Al Quds University in 2005 – The Ph.D. Medical Imaging from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem/ Jerusalem. The MSc Medical Imaging from the University of Leeds / UK. The B.Sc Medical Imaging, from Al-Quds University/ Jerusalem. Biological Science, Yarmouk University/Jordan

Has many publications in peer reviewed Journals on electroporation technology, new medical imaging technology and eHealth fields

Research Interest: Aimed at developing affordable medical diagnosis and treatment technologies to reduce medical care cost in remote and impoverished parts of the world including:

Electroporation (Reversible: ECT & EGT, and Irreversible).

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Medical imaging Technology


Functional Imaging mainly fMRI.

Electromagnetic energy



Monitoring Electrolysis

Al-Quds University