Mohammad Abu Al-Haj

Dr. Mohammad Abul Haj is an Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Crystal Engineering. Holding a PhD degree in Coordination Chemistry from Granada University In the year 2000. PhD thesis was supervised by Prof. Juan Manuel Salas and Prof. Miguel Quiros. Dr. Mohammad had finished his B.Sc. degree from Bier-Zeit University in 1987. He worked at Al-Quds University at the department of Medical Technology.

Dr. Mohammad Abul Haj research is in field of Coordination Chemistry, in particular coordination compounds of Platinum group metals, investigation their synthesis, Characterization and biological activity. In addition, he experienced synthesis of coordination compounds with other metals (Cu, Ni, Co, Fe) investigating their characterization and physical applications. Dr. Mohammad is experienced in the coordination compounds of silver, he investigated synthesis Characterization, Crystal structure and application.

In 2011 he was awarded Fulbright visiting Professor Grant at Kansas State University, where he worked with Distinguished Professor Christer B. Aakeröy. He worked in research in the field of Crystal Engineering and Supramolecular Chemistry. After that he started new line of research in this field at Al-Quds University. During 2014-2018 he was the head of the Chemistry and Chemical Technology Department and Coordinator of the Applied Industrial Technology Graduate program till he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Contact information: Dean of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 20002, Al-Quds University, Abu Dies, Jerusalem, Palestine: 02-27996961

Selected Publications

M. Abul Haj, M. Quiros, J.M.Salas R. Faure; Structure of a tetranuclear heterometallic Ag(I)-Pt(II) complex with a triazolopyrimidine derivative; Inorganic Chemistry Communication, 4, (2001) 254-256

M. Abul Haj, M. Quiros, J.M.Salas, R. Faure; Silver complexes with triazolopyrimidine ligands containing an exocyclic oxygen atom: X-ray evidence for an unusual tautomeric form; Dalton transaction, 2001,1798-1801.

M. Abul Haj, M. Quiros, J.M.Salas; Structurally different copper(II) dinuclear complexes with the same triazolopyrimidine bridging ligand; European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2002, 811-818.

M. Abul Haj, M. Quiros, J.M.Salas; Solution and solid state coexistence of head-head and head-tail isomers in dimeric Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes of the type [M2(a-a)(L-N3N4) a bridging triazolopyrimidine ligand and chelating bidentate diamines; Journal Chem Soc., Dalton trans. 2002,4740-4745.

Mohammad Abul Haj, Christer B. Aakeroy and John Desper; Silver(I) coordination chemistry: from 1-D chains to molecular Rectangles; New Journal of Chemistry, 2013,37, 204-211.

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