Mariam Hasan Mustafa Al-Jaljouli

Dr.Mariam Al Jaljouli is Assistant professor at orthodontic and pediatric dentistry department at Al-Quds University.

In addition to her BDS in dentistry from Al-Quds University /Palestine in 2006, Dr Mariam had MSD and certificate in pediatric dentistry from Jordan University of Science and technology in 2010.

She also had the Jordanian and the Palestinian board of pediatric dentistry in 2011.

In 2011, Dr.Mariam returned back to Faculty of dentistry at AL – QUDS University as lecturer in pediatric dentistry.

In 2016 she was promoted to assistant professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at Al–QUDS University.

Dr. Mariam was Coordinator of the academic programs at faculty of dentistry at Al-Quds University.

Dr.Mariam is an Examiner in paediatric dentistry at the Palestinian medical council from 2015-till now.

Dr. Mariam has many Research interests such as:

  1. Molar incisor Hypomineralization

  2. Endodontic management of immature permanent dentition.

Al-Quds University