Maha Husseini *

Dr. Maha Nubani Husseini is an assistant professor of Public Health/ Health Promotion at the faculty of Public Health. She joined the faculty in 2002.

Dr. Maha Nubani Husseini is a Faculty member at the department of Public Health Nutrition and the head of the Quality Assurance Committee and the Scientific Research Committee of the School of Public Health

Dr. Nubani Husseini has a number of research papers, including:

Nubani-Husseini M, Berry E, Abdeen Z, Donchin M. Dietary patterns and physical activity among Palestinian female schoolchildren in East Jerusalem. SEEJPH 2016,

Nubani-Husseini M, Donchin M . School-based intervention to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity in Palestinian girls – Process evaluation. SEEJPH 2020,

Dr. Nubani Husseini received her Ph.D. in Public Health/ Health Promotion in 2016 from Braun School of Public Health/ Hebrew University, Master degree In Public Health from Al-Quds University in 2004, and Bachelor degree in Nursing from Arab Colleges of Medical Professions in 1984.

Al-Quds University