Jihad Al-Kisswani

Jihad Al-Kiswaniis an associate  professor with a master’s in criminal sciences, and a doctorate in private law and criminal sciences. He has been working in the field of teaching since the year 1997, and has worked at Al-Quds University since 2006, and he is a lawyer in front of the Palestinian courts. He is an expert in security legislation, a legal advisor, and he has held the position of dean of student affairs, head of the private law department, coordinator of high studies, chairperson and member of dozens of central and sub university committees, president and member of many research and specialized centers and charities. He participated in dozens of scientific conferences, forums and symposiums at the national and international levels, as well as supervising / discussing dozens of master’s theses, developing many courses in private and penal law, and mastering the French language and the English language in addition to the native Arabic language.

Dr. Jihad Al-Kiswani has published a number of books, including a review of the Law of Service in the Security Forces 2010, the Presumption of Innocence 2013, the Legal Methodology 2016, the Manual of the Unified Operational Procedures for Legal Units in the Security Institution 2016, and the Criminal Procedures in Legislation, Jurisprudence and Jurisprudence 2019, and he has many researches and legal studies.

Al-Quds University