Jehad Abbadi

Prof. Dr. Abbadi is a professor in plant nutrition since 2019, holding a Ph. D. in agriculture. He got his first and second degrees from Al-Quds University, Jerusalem-Palestine (B.Sc. in Biology and medical technology in 1995 and M.Sc. in Applied industrial technology in 2002) and the Ph.D. degree in agricultural science in 2007 from Christian-Albrecht’s University, Kiel, Germany. He is currently a staff teaching member in the Department of Biology, College of Science and Technology at Al-Quds University since 2008. He teaches, General biology, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, ecology, plant production, and plant nutrition.

His Research interests are in different related agricultural fields in which forty papers are already published. His main research interest is characterizing nutrient use efficiency of plants emphasizing the mechanisms of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium uptake and utilization efficiency parameters including plant and soil parameters. Other research interests are: anti-oxidant contents and their activities of medicinal plants and fruits, factors affecting olive oil quality, application of plant growth promoting bacteria, wastewater treatment and reuse in agriculture, effect of salinity on fruit quality and. He is interested now in improving water use efficiency of plants by optimizing K nutrition. He published 40 publications in international journals.

مشاريع أبحاث مدعومة
• Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) and food safety post graduate master’s program At Al-Quds University, funded by Food and Agriculture Organization. Project director. Project fund 94500 Euro, 2015-2018.
• Strengthening capacity for sustainable innovation processes, including market responsiveness of higher education & training to the needs of the Food & Agribusiness and Rural Development sectors in the Palestinian Territories’, funded by NUFFIC, with the project reference NICHE-PAA-233. The beneficiary organizations are Al-Quds University, An-Najah National University, Palestine Technical University/Khadoorie, and Hebron University. Project manager. Project fund 2200000 Euro, 2015-2020.
• Conducting applied agricultural researches within the research priorities of the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC)/Ministry of Agriculture, funded by Food and Agriculture Organization. Project director. Project fund 54000 Euro. 2018-2019.
• Green jobs and Sustainable Income Opportunities for Palestinian Female and Male Youth in the Agri-food Sector, funded by Danish government and executed by FAO, coordinator and trainer at Al Quds University, project fund for AQU 300000 US$, 2020-2021.
• Vocational Training Project: Socio-Economic Agricultural Skills. Prof. Dr. Jehad Abbadi, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem (Team leader), Dr. Muhammad Mushtaha (UCAS) Gaza, Dr. Heba Al-Fares An-Najah National University, Dr. Murad Awadallah, Palestine Technical University- Khadoori, PTUK.

منشورات مختارة
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الأبحاث الجارية حاليا
• دراسة آلية امتصاص البوتاسيوم والفسفور واختلافها بين النباتات المختلفة في أصناف تربة مختلفة
• دراسة تحسين كفاءة النباتات في استخدام الماء بواسطة التغذية في البوتاسيوم
• دراسة تأثير المنطقة الجغرافية والمناخية في فلسطين على محتوى زيت الزيتون وأوراق الزيتون من مضادات الأكسدة
• دراسة محتوى وكفاءة مضادات الأكسدة في التمور التالفة من مصانع تعبئة التمور لاستخدامها كمواد حافظة في الأغذية
• دراسة محتوى النباتات الطبية الفلسطينية من مضادات الأكسدة ودراسة فعالية هذه المواد الفعالة ضد الالتهاب والبكتيريا

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