Iyad Hallak

About: Iyad Saleem Hallaq, Ph.D. Teaching Deparment of psychology, Nice Sophia Antipolis University. France. M.A. Department of clinical psychology, Nice Sophia Antipolis University France. B.A. Deparment of psychology, Nice Sophia Antipolis University. France.

Research interests: Authoring and translation of books and training manuals in the field of psychology and educational: school violence, eye movement therapy, social intervention and the role of the state, the protection of the children of behavioral aberrations, social construction, trauma, crimes adolescence, needs of the elderly, suicide

Teaching Activities: Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, Trauma and Crisis Management and Clinical Psychology

Publications: published different scholarly articles in international scientific journals

  •  Hassan Abu Saad, PhD1,2,3, Salman Elbedour, PhD4, EyadHallaq, PhD5, JoavMerrick, MD, MMedSci, DMSc6,7,8,9 and Ariel Tenenbaum, MD6,8
    Consanguineous marriage and intellectual and developmental disabilities among Arab Bedouins children of the Negev region in Southern Israel: A pilot study, Frontiers in Child Health and Human Development, Aug 2013,Published on 28 Jan 2014
  • Hallaq, eyad. (2008). Nouveaux Defis Humanitaire De L’ANP, Paris 13, Le rôle De l’état Dans le Travail Social, Collectif Book.
  •  Hallaq ,Eyad. 2003, An Epidemic of Violence – Palestinian Israeli Journal Vol.10 No.4 2003.

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