Ibrahim Abu Aemar

Assistant professor of Archaeology, educated at Granada University, Spain; ALQUDS University, Palestine; and Alexandria University, Egypt. Fellow of the Albright Institute of archaeological research in Jerusalem

Research interest

▪ The art and architecture in the Classic period.
▪ The archaeology of Islamic period.
▪ Islamic art in Spain.
▪ Islamic garden.
▪ The Palestinian Culture Heritage.


Recent article

1- Abu Aemar, I, (2020), “Khirbet Beit Ta’mar: An Archaeological, Historical and Architectural Study”. Oussour Al-Jadida Revue, Vol. 10, Issue 3, Algeria.
2- Abu Aemar, I. (2020) “Islamic Gardens: The Model of Alhambra Gardens in Granada”, International Conference about the Islamic Civilization in Al-Andalus, part II, Architecture, Art and Science. Pp.1-17.
3- Abu Aemar, I, (2018). Archaeological excavations at khirbet Bait Bassa, Palestine, Near Eastern Archaeology 81. 4. Pp. 250-258.

Al-Quds University