Hussein Alkam

Dr. Hussein Alkam is associate professor of inorganic chemistry. He attended the collage in 1999. He was a head of the department for two years, Coordinator of the postgraduate studies program in Applied and Industrial Technology for two years also,

Dr. Alkam supervised many postgraduate students. In addition; he paid a research visit to Dortmund University in Germany for two months, and a visiting professor to University of Manitoba in Canada for one year.
Research Experience and Interests: Synthesis, structural investigation and study of the reactivity of coordination compounds containing transition elements and different ligands.

Dr. Held Ph.D in inorganic Chemistry from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece , and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in from the University of Jordan , three semesters in the higher diploma in education at Mutah University in Jordan.

Dr. Alkam has published many publications in international reviewed journals,

Al-Quds University