Husain Alsamamra

Dr. Husain Alsamamra is an associate professor in renewable energy and Biophysics and got his PhD on 2009 from Jaen University-Spain, and the master degree in nuclear physics in 2004 from Al-Quds University, Palestine, and the Bachelor degree in 2000 from Al-Quds University, Palestine.

Dr. Husain Alsamamra is a specialist in renewable energy and bio-physics at the college of science and technology. He joined the faculty of science and technology a year 2011. He is a member in different committees at the college of science and technology in addition to the national committees.

Dr. Alsamamra has been published more than 25 scientific research articles and supervised more than 10 master thesis and 1 PhD thesis in addition to the review of more than 7 research articles.

Teaching Experience:
General Physics (1, 2 & 3), Medical Physics, Waves and Vibrations, Optics, Modern Physics, Experimental Physics (senior level), Principle of Electronics, Electricity and Magnetism, Applied Mathematics for Engineers, Properties of Matter, Renewable Energy, Thermodynamics, Computational physics, Radiation physics, Classical Mechanic I, Classical Mechanics II, Advanced classical mechanics, Advanced Research methods and Innovations, Advanced concepts in physics, Advanced Mathematical physics, Renewable energy topics.

Al-Quds University