Hadil Kamal

Dr Hadil Kamal joined AlQuds university in 2005. She was appointed head of department for 1 year and reappointed in 2012, and is currently holding that position.

Dr Kamal has been giving lectures at scientific days and conferences in Palestine, and at the ministry of health since 2005. She is also head of the periodontal board exam committee at the Palestinian medical board. Dr Kamal is also part of the examination committee at the ministry of health.

Dr Kamal participates on a yearly basis in school dental health awareness and dental check-ups in Ramallah.


  1.  Bachelors degree in dental surgery.
  2. MSc in Periodontics.
  3. ordanian dental board in periodontics.
  4. Palestinian dental board in periodontics.


  1. The Prevalence of Dentine Hypersensitivity and Gingival Recession among Jordanian Patients at JUST Dental Teaching Center.
  2. . Relationship between gingival recession and destine hypersensitivity (in print).

Al-Quds University