Fayez Freijat


• Water scarcity and development in dry and semi dray areas ( Jordan valley )
• Supervision and examiner:
• 1. External examiner of PhD theses entitled “Changing urban land use pattern in Cochin development authority area”, Mysore University- India, June 2006
• 2. External examiner of many M.A. theses in Geography for the Department of Geography at Al-Najah University and examiner in the Institute of sustainable development in AlQuds University.
• Supervisor of many M.A. theses in Sustainable development at Al-Quds University

National and International working experience:

February 2019 Brazil, University of Sao Paulo, Faulty of Philosophy and Literature, Summer School, Teaching the course entitled The Middle East and the Water Question.
Sep.2006-July 2007 USA, Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan, Dearborn,

2014- 2015 Chair of strategic planning team on behalf of Al-Uja municipality and in cooperation with the Municipalities Development and Lending Fund of the PNA.
April 2006 – Present Member of the National Geographical Names Committee, Ministry of Planning (Palestinian National Authority)
July 2004-2005 Team Member, National Palestinian Team working on Preparation
Of the Regional Urban Sector Profile Study (RUSPS) in Palestine,
A project managed by UN-Habitat
May 2005-Jne 2005 Trainer of UN-Habitat Programme on leadership and
Management skills for Palestinian Mayors,

Selected Publications:

Freijat F., and Others, Atlas of Palestine, Palestinian National Committee for Geographic Names, Ministry of local governorate< Ramallah, 2017
Freijat F., and Others, Poor And Happy , Challenges of Rural Development in Selected Regions in the World, University of Warsaw , Institute of Geography and Regional Studies, Dec. 2013
Freijat Fayez, Housing Conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Dissemination and Analysis of Census Findings, 2010 Rammallah.Freijat F., Politics, Livelihood, Poverty, Housing and Ways Out, Al-Auja Village as a case study, Urbanistica pvs, University of Rome, Italy, May. 2010.

Al-Quds University