Ehab M. Alafandi

Ehab M. Alafandi is a seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience in architecture, urban planning, and academia. Born in 1979 in Palestine, he holds a master’s degree in urban planning from Birzeit University (in cooperation with Dortmund University) and a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from Annajah National University.

Currently a Full-Time Lecturer at Al Quds University’s Department of Architecture since September 2021, Ehab has also served as the Head of Interior Design Program at Dar Al Kalima University (2019-2021) and a Part-Time Instructor at Al Quds University (2016-2021).

In his role as a Senior Architect and Urban Planner at TIRAZ Engineers & Architects since 2010, Ehab has led diverse projects, including commercial centers, clinics, and educational facilities funded by organizations like UNDP, World Bank, and USAID.

Ehab’s expertise extends to various software applications, emphasizing his commitment to staying technologically advanced. His teaching portfolio includes courses in architecture history, design studios, and housing design methods at Al Quds University.

As a member of the Jordan Engineers Association, Jerusalem Branch, Ehab is dedicated to professional development. Fluent in Arabic and English, he brings strong communication skills to his diverse collaborations.

In urban planning, Ehab has played a pivotal role in developing physical plans for clusters of local councils, showcasing his commitment to sustainable urban development.

Ehab M. Alafandi’s multifaceted career reflects a passion for architectural excellence, urban planning, and impactful education in Palestine.

Al-Quds University