Dr. Hanna Abdel Nour

Dr. Abdel Nour already has more than 28 years of academic and administrative experience at Al-Quds University (AQU), a major Palestinian Higher Education Institution (HEI).  Throughout the years he did put all his efforts in the development of Electronics Engineering; he enabled the capacity building of academic staff members in the fields of Digital Signal Processing and Communications, stimulated the research activity in both fields, and initiated the nationally well-known Master Programme of Electronic and Computer Engineering in cooperation with the University of Bordeaux I in France.

Dr. Abdel Nour had consecutively been Chairman of the Electronic Engineering Department, Dean of the faculty of Engineering, Dean for Admission and Registration, and Dean of Post Graduate Studies.  At present, he is the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  He has been involved in the institutional setting, policies, and growth of a dynamic university that is imposing itself on the National level and is seeking a place on the global scene.  At present, and in his capacity of Vice President for Academic Affairs (as of September 2012), Dr. Abdel Nour is leading a set of reforms in several fields and at all levels to transform learning in AQU; one major project is the introduction in 2015 of the dual studies system in three fields of specialisation (a project financed by the German Government).

At the National level, Dr. Abdel Nour had been the first Palestinian National TEMPUS Office Coordinator for 20 months with all what this position entails in terms of undertaking raising awareness campaigns, promoting cooperation with European Universities, facilitating the design of new projects, evaluating projects submitted to ETF, and monitoring on-going projects.  He also undertook consultancy activities such as the development of benchmarks and program specifications for the IT & Electrical Engineering Fields in Palestine, and mapping Vocational Education and Training and preliminary analysis of the VET system.  At present (2015) he is leading four Palestinian universities, including AQU, in the development of graduate courses and innovation activities in the field of Food and Agri-Business (a project funded by the Dutch Government).

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