Bassam Abu Hamad

Public Health Specialist, Human Resources Management Specialist-in health sector “focus on education management” (Doctorate from Sheffield/UK and former Dean  of  the  Palestine  School  of  Nursing), Coordinator of Public Health Programs at Al-Quds University (in Gaza) with  over  38 years  of  work  in the Academic and social services including with Ministry  of  Health,  Ministry of Social Affairs, universities,  NGOs  (notably as  Deputy  Chief  of  Party) focusing on teaching, training and developing systems related to public health, management systems, health economics, health information system,  mother child health and nutrition strategies, human resource management in health, quality improvement in health sector, staff motivation, research, programs monitoring and evaluation and humanitarian interventions.

Extensive experience in developing strategies/plans for academic programs, large and small scale programs/organizations; including but not restricted to; participating in developing postgraduate programs at School of Public Health, leading the development of the strategic plan for HANAN Mother Child Health Project (in 2005-21 Million dollar), MARAM Project (in 2001-28 Million dollar), Union of Health Work Committees (4 subsequent plans-1985-2008), Women Affair Association (2010), Near East Council of Churches (2011), and lately leading the team who developed the Strategic Health Plan-Gaza (2014-2018 and 2021-2024).

Rich experience in conducting evaluation and monitoring activities in social services including health and education, social protection, social policy and humanitarian interventions at the program level, project level and organizational level. This includes designing and conducting monitoring and evaluation activities.  Unique experience in working with adolescents, youth, particularly in the 10-year global longitudinal and participatory action research titled “Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence”.           

Al-Quds University