Amer Kanan

Dr. Amer Kanan is an assistant professor in Environmental Engineering and Sciences and a faculty member of the Environment and Earth Science Department at Alquds University, Palestine. Kanan worked as an Assistant for Academic Affairs Vice President. The former head of the Environment and Earth Sciences Department at the College of Science and Technology at Al-Quds University and former Coordinator for the Master’s Program in Environmental Science at the University. Dr. Kanan has published many peer-reviewed journal papers related to water and water treatment. He mainly teaches Environment and Pollution Prevention, Environment and Public Health, Environment and Sustainable Development, Environment and Social Ecology, Energy and Environment Sustainability, and Organics in the Environment.

Interested in research in water treatment, water pollution, and water efficiency use and productivity. Also researching sustainable chain management in the agriculture sector. Interested in environmental education and awareness trainin.
Some recent publications:

Ateia, M., Kanan, A., Karanfil, T., 2020. Microplastics Release Precursors of Chlorinated and Brominated Disinfection Byproducts in Water. Chemosphere 251.

Ersan, G., Ersan, M.S., Kanan, A., Karanfil, T., 2021. Predictive modeling of haloacetonitriles under uniform formation conditions. Water Res. 201, 117322.

Hethnawi, A., Khderat, W., Hashlamoun, K., Kanan, A., Nassar, N.N., 2020. Enhancing Chromium (VI) removal from synthetic and real tannery effluents by using diatomite-embedded nanopyroxene. Chemosphere 252.

Kanan, A., Karan, T., 2020. Estimation of haloacetonitriles formation in water : Uniform formation conditions versus formation potential tests 744, 1–6.

Kanan, A., Soyluoglu, M., Karanfil, T., 2021. Removal of the precursors of regulated DBPs and TOX from surface waters and wastewater effluents using mixed anion exchange resins. Chemosphere 263, 1–8.

Al-Quds University