Adnan Lahham

Professor of Applied Nuclear Physics. Born in Bethlehem, Palestine 1960. Holder of two doctorate degrees in Nuclear sciences from the University of Comenius and the Research
Institute of Preventive Medicine – Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

During his study, he was working as research assistant at the Institute of Preventive and Clinical Medicine – Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, where he later became a senior research scientist in the field of radiation protection and dosimetry.

His research was focused on the Human body monitoring of internal radioactive contamination, Gamma spectroscopy, emergency and post – accidental monitoring. After his return to Palestine in 1997, Dr. Lahham joint Al-Quds University in Jerusalem where he worked at the Departments of Earth & Environmental Science, Medical imaging and physics.

In the year 2005 he established the Center for Radiation Science & Technology at Al-Quds University. Since its foundation, the center is active in research and technology transfer in the fields of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Dr. Lahham is a senior researcher in the field of non-ionizing radiation. He has published a lot of works about environmental radiofrequency radiation. From 2009 to 2012 Dr. In 2013 he acted as a visiting professor Dean of Allied Medical Sciences at Ahliya University– Bethlehem. Lahham was the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Since 2020 he is the Secretary – General of Al-Quds University Councils.

He is a member of distinguished local and international organizations: member of the International Advisory Committee of the
International Electromagnetic Fields Project – WHO.

Co-founder – Palestine supreme council for creativity and innovation. Member of Editorial board of the International Journal of Nuclear and Particle Physics, International Journal of Radiology, International Journal of Nuclear medicine & radioactive substances, .

Author of more than 40 publications in English, Slovak & Arabic languages. Dr. Lahham has supervised a number of MSc. Students in Europe and Palestine

Al-Quds University