Abdulhamid M. Zeer

Place and date of birth: Hebron- April 2nd , 1973

Position and Address: Al-Quds University, Teaching staff member, Dep’t. of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Professions, Health Complex, Room HC209B, Residence: Abu Dies – Jerusalem


  • A Fulbright scholar, 2009, Post doctoral physiotherapy research / university of Florida – USA
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Baghdad University – Iraq
  • M.Sc. in Physical Rehabilitation, 1996; Baghdad University – Iraq
  • B.Sc. in Physical Education, 1994; Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan

Positions Held:

Al-Quds University – Jerusalem

  •  Head, Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation  – 1999-2005 and 2017- 2021
  • Coordinator of master program in physiotherapy  – 2020/2021
  • Faculty Member: Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation  – 1999 – present


  • A Fulbright scholar, and Sabbatical year from AQU 2009, Post doctoral physiotherapy research / university of Florida – USA
  • World Bank Grant- Quality Improvement Funds, Project – QIF Grant No.:C3-17-U-QU-06, 2018-2020.


  • Bachelor’S courses: Physics for physiotherapy, Anatomy & Physiology for PT , Kinesiology for PT, Biomechanics and Gait Analysis, Therapeutic Exercise, Aquatic Exercise Therapy, Ergonomics, Biostatistics for health professionals (with SPSS), and Graduate projects
  • Master’s courses: Clinical Exercise Physiology, Biostatistics, Motor Analysis and Gait Biomechanics, andThesis supervision

Research Interest

  • Clinical Exercise physiology
  • Kinesiological EMG  in Rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic Exercise and Aquatic exercise therapy


  • Abdulhamid Zeer, Physiological characteristics and  physical demands among subjects with Motor, Auditory, Visual or Intellectual  Disability. Scientific Conference proceeding of Khorfokan International conference for persons with disability and adapted physical education 29-30/6/2019- UAE.
  • Abdulhamid M. (2012) Uni-Muscle versus Inter-Muscles Actions in Motor Analysis. A suggested Approach of Elctromechanomyography “EMMG” in Functional Rehabilitation of Neuromusculoskeletal Behavior. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. 2012. ISBN: 978-3-659-29677-
  • Abdulhamid Zeer. The computerized norms in static postural assessment among Palestinian students aged 7-15 years. The scientific Bulletin of the 10th international conference of physical therapy 2007 Cairo university
  • Abdulhamid Zeer,  Disability incidence along “Al-Aqsa Intifada” events and the prevalence of rehabilitation facilities in West Bank/Palestine.  The scientific Bulletin of the 10th international conference of physical therapy 2007 Cairo university
  •  Hassan Suod, Abdulhamid Zee,r. Physical fatigue and its effect on sports performance.   Theories and applications Specialized journal in physical education and  sport. College of physical education for the males, Al-Escandariah university.  V. 57. 2005 . P. 307-368
  •  Fayez Abu Arreddah,  Abdulhamid Zeer, Ommar Hindawi. Overtraining effect on sports performance – analytical review. The Journal of physical education researches, College of physical education- Al-Zagazig University. Cairo – Egypt   Folder 22, No.51  .1999 P. 307- 350

Al-Quds University