Abdulhakeem Eideh

Teaching Courses: Sampling Techniques, Analysis of Time Series, Data Science, Machine Learning, Regression Analysis, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Missing Data, Categorical Data Analysis, Multivariate Statistics.

Dr. Abdulhakeem Eideh is an Associate Professor of survey statistics and methodology at Al-Quds University. For the last 18 years, he serves also as an international expert and consultant in sampling and survey methodology, to international organizations, with high level in research and trainer in official statistics and sampling.
In the year 2015.

Mr. Eideh received the best paper prize in the field of sampling awarded by the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics, New Delhi (during 2012 and 2013). Mr. Eideh has PhD. from Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1998-2002), M.Sc. (1987) and B.Sc. (1984) in statistics from Yarmouk University of Irbid. Mr. Eideh is a member ISI and IASS, and elected member of UAS (2011-2015).

Abdulhakeem Eideh’s research interests include: Analytic inference from complex sample surveys; Poverty indicators, small area estimation; Inference under informative sampling with applications to time series models, cross-sectional and longitudinal observations, and missing not at random nonresponse.

Al-Quds University