Professional Bachelor In Sustainable Agriculture

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Professional Bachelor In Sustainable Agriculture

The Professional B.Sc. in Sustainable Agriculture affiliated with the College of Science and Technology at Al-Quds University, is a unique and pioneering program in the field of agriculture. It is the first program in Palestine that combines academic education, practical application, technology, scientific research, development, and business management in the field of sustainable agriculture and food systems, with career opportunities in the field of agriculture, development, health, food processing and agribusiness.

The BSc program covers knowledge and skills in four fields and themes:

  1. Agri-production and natural resources
  2. Post-harvesting and food processing
  3. Agricultural technology
  4. Agribusiness, management and marketing

Advantages of the professional BSc degree in sustainable agriculture

This program is designed to develop students’ competencies to address the environmental, agricultural, health, economic and social challenges associated with the sustainability of agricultural and food systems, and exploit the opportunities therein. The program provides students with comprehensive practical experiences at all stages of study through field work and the establishment of individual private projects.

  • Practical application in all stages of study, at least 30% of the program, to prepare qualified graduates to enter the labor market immediately upon graduation.
  • Integrating scientific research and leadership to come up with solutions to agricultural and environmental challenges.
  • Integrating business administration into the program to prepare qualified graduates to create their own businesses and link them with the labor market and funding sources.
  • Academic and professional accompaniment for each student to establish private businesses and companies as a requirement for graduation.
  • The possibility of completing the program within 3 years with intensive study of two-three days a week, so that students can study, work, and manage their own projects.
  • Encouraging females to engage in the field of sustainable agriculture and agricultural businesses.
  • Student exchange with Arab and European universities to benefit from international experiences.
  • Preparing students to move to advanced levels of study such as master’s and doctorate

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