Master of Water Resources Engineering

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Bachelor of Biological Sciences

Al-Quds University has a distinguished e-Master’s program in Water Resources Engineering that aims at serving the community in the field of natural resources management. The university plays a pivotal role in achieving the objectives of sustainable development by promoting the transfer of knowledge and experiences of others. The program is designed to cater to local and regional needs and provides vital data and information that can support sustainable planning and development.

In addition to its educational mission, Al-Quds University is committed to conducting research that is connected with the needs of the community. The Department of Applied Earth and Environmental Sciences/Faculty of Science and Technology supervises the program, in collaboration with other departments in the faculty such as the Department of Life Sciences, Department of Chemistry, and Department of Physics. The program is designed to support the goals of the Ministry of Higher Education and to enhance and support such programs.

By establishing an e-Master’s program in Water Resources Engineering, Al-Quds University can contribute significantly to the general strategy of the university and support the goals of the Ministry of Higher Education. This program will not only provide students with the flexibility of learning from anywhere but also ensure that they have access to the latest knowledge and techniques in the field of water resources engineering.

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