Master of Water Science Innovations

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Master of Water Science Innovations

The regions of the Mediterranean basin, including Palestine, as well as the regions of southern Europe, are among the regions that face difficulties related to the quality and quantity of “water”.

In these regions, as in the rest of the world, climate change is expected to negatively affect the quantity and quality of water resources. Globally, regional and national studies have shown an increase in average temperature extremes as well as changing precipitation patterns.

This factor, in addition to the pressures on demand rates resulting from the population increase in Palestine, will lead to a significant reduction in surface and ground water.

Therefore, these areas, including the Palestinian state, need professionals with experience in how to conserve fresh water, in addition to creating alternative water sources and searching for Mechanisms to rationalize their consumption or reuse them with the latest technologies, taking into account the effects of potential global change in the climate, as graduates of this specialization are expected to contribute to strengthening decision-making mechanisms in government and private agencies in addition to strengthening water resources management plans. Given the urgent need for new innovative tools and methods to be used in order to achieve this goal, the program, through its establishment in cooperation with European countries participating in the Innovation in Water Education Program funded by Erasmus+, entails developing new educational plans that depend on the experiences of European

institutions in the field, both in the field Developing these educational plans or teaching them remotely for the students of the program in a way that gives them the appropriate global skills, which makes them more attractive for employment by government and private institutions related to the water sector, where it is expected that the students of the program will acquire new skills in water science innovations and solve its various problems, whether through cooperation and exchange Students and academics directly with partner European universities, or through distance learning technologies, in which international experts will participate to provide students with these necessary skills accordingly.

This program is offered with a distinct geographical distribution that enables students from the northern West Bank to enroll in the program at the campus of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, in addition to students from the southern region of Palestine who will be able to enroll in the program at the campus of Al-Quds University Abu Dis. Teaching will be joint and face-to-face on the campuses of the two universities, with the exchange of lectures through the education laboratories, which were previously equipped through the European project for this purpose.

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