Bachelor of Physics

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Bachelor of Physics

Physics is an ancient Greek word defined as a natural science that involves the study of some concepts such as matter, time, space, energy, force, light, etc. Physics is one of oldest and most important subjects among the four academic disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics) . The world of physics ranges from the smallest particles of subatomic matter to the galaxies. Since the scientific revolution in the 17th century, Physics has often emerged and intersected with many interdisciplinary fields of science such as Bio-Medical Physics, Quantum Chemistry, physics at the nanoscale and other multidisciplinary areas such as Engineering, Modern Technology, etc.

The Physics Department at AQU was established in 1981 offering a B.Sc. degree in physics and the M.Sc. program was initiated in 1998. Well-equipped laboratories and computer facilities are available to prepare the student for a career in physics or other related jobs in industry, teaching, governmental laboratories as well as for further graduate study.

The department has 19 faculty members who are dedicated to quality graduate and undergraduate education and to the advancement of knowledge in physics. They actively pursue research of the highest quality in their subject areas both on campus and in collaboration with colleagues at other institutions inside and outside the country. In addition, they spare no effort to provide our students with a conceptual understanding of physics, as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for their future careers.

Our faculty members have also produced co-authored publications with graduate and undergraduate students who have been very active in presenting their research in local and international conferences and workshops. Our faculty members are constantly conducting internationally relevant and competitive research; they do not only participate as project leaders or researchers on the competitive research plans, but they also collaborate to evolve and develop other joint research projects.

We, in the physics department, are committed to provide students with high quality programs including continuous improvement of the quality of scientific research based on the latest scientific discoveries, greater international visibility and recognition of the department, as well as the increasing impact on the development of our society.

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