Master in Pediatric Nursing

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Master's degree in Pediatric Nursing

Consistent with the Mission and Goals of the nursing department, the Nursing faculty believes that Preceptorship program support the important role that can be held by the preceptors in clinical nursing practice and its importance for the linkage between the educational and service institutions. The faculty believes that education is a self-directed, yet interactive lifelong process that empowers learners to think critically and grow toward their potentials. Undergraduate education prepares individuals for basic entry into nursing practice while graduate education prepares nurses for advanced or specialty nursing practice. The development of master’s program in pediatric nurse is designed to meet the needs children and youth and to prepare pediatric nurse specialists guided by criteria of excellence in acquiring knowledge, skills and professional ethics. The faculty of nursing also believes that it is the time for the nursing educators and health organizations to recognize and to support the important role that can be held by the graduate nurses to promote the care of children at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Also, the faculty hopes to succeed in changing the culture of the workplace by applying theoretical knowledge into practice into systematic approach to meet the objectives of the courses and to have a competent graduate into the field of pediatric nursing

Al-Quds University