Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

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Bachelor in Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Program: A program that concentrates on studying, analyzing designing, re-designing and managing of integrated systems and processes so as to optimize input such as: humans, materials, equipment, information and energy in order to achieve the goals of the organization effectively and efficiently . The industrial engineering program in dual studies focuses on developing systems and processes continuously so that the production (service or product) is optimized. It provides all required knowledge for facilities planning and layout, improved production, quality control, engineering economy, maintenance, and human factors. Industrial engineering aims to increase production efficiency and effectiveness in the best optimal way, and to provide a typical working environment through the use of special skills. The student of industrial engineering will have knowledge of basic sciences such as mathematics and physics, he will be taught basic humanities, as well as various engineering specializations such as electrical and mechanical engineering. This makes industrial engineering a unique specialization as it covers the gap between different engineering disciplines, economic sciences, psychology, applied engineering sciences, humanities and social sciences.


Al-Quds University