Bachelor in Business Administration

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Bachelor in Business Administration

Dual Studies Business Administration program is one of the Dual Studies programs that considered the one of its kind in Middle East In General and Palestine in Particular. It is a demand driven program based on the Private Sector needs and recommendations.

This program aims to support the mission of the Palestinian-German Dual Study program by: providing quality instruction to students to prepare them for successful careers; engaging in scholarly activity to combine academic knowledge with experience in Private Sector; and providing service to the university and greater community.

The (DSBA) program was started in 2016 that aim to prepare a distinct experienced generation of graduates, characterized not only as creators and innovators in their specialization field, but also capable to prove themselves as unique graduates who have an excellent soft skill for employment, such as: Communication, Interpersonal skills, Teamwork, Adaptability, and Information Technology.

They will also have a high percentage of employability by gaining Business Management Competences. The Students will give the credit to the companies by applying their study project and Bachelor Thesis on subjects related to the company where they are spending the practical period.

The main difference between Dual Studies Business administration program and normal studies is the method of delivering the skills and competences to the learner. We are following the “sense and respond approach since we have identified the labor market needs and requirements and which subjects are better learned in the working environment and which have to be taught at the University. It has to be stressed that both places have to undergo quality assurance processes, because credits can be given only if quality and learner’s success are assessed.

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