Master of Agribusiness

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Master's degree in agribusiness

The Palestinian agricultural sector represents the basic productive sector of the Palestinian economy in addition to the industrial sector through its contribution to the GDP or through the percentage of the workforce in it. The agricultural sector contributes to achieving food security through the ability of the agricultural sector to absorb the workforce and its contribution to solving the problem of unemployment in the countryside in general. There is a reciprocal effect between the agricultural sector and the economic sector, as the revitalization of the agricultural trade movement will lead to the activation of all agricultural activities, which in turn will lead to the revitalization and growth of the movement of the economy, as the agricultural sector has been considered one of the pillars of the Palestinian economy since ancient times because it provides for the agricultural food needs of the citizens and job opportunities for them. In addition to the hard currency it provides from export returns, agriculture is an important national concern for the Palestinian citizen, because of its political importance that links him to his land and his livelihood.

With the tremendous development witnessed by the agricultural sector, there is an urgent need for competent specialists in this field who are able to advance the economic aspect of the Palestinian agricultural sector through the management and organization of agricultural operations and work on exporting or manufacturing and preserving the abundance of production. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a master’s program in profitable agricultural business at the national level, which will harness the agricultural expertise that already exists in Palestinian universities (Al-Quds University, Hebron University, An-Najah National University, and Palestine Technical University-Khadoori) to graduate cadres that are qualified to develop the agricultural sector and increase returns to the Palestinian treasury. Given the increasing demand for this specialization in the local, regional and global market, the introduction of this specialization jointly among universities will contribute significantly to supplying the market with its needs of qualified cadres, benefiting from the infrastructure in the four universities and the academic and research expertise in them.

The program consists of four tracks:

  • Management and Marketing.
  • Food Processing.
  • Organic Agriculture.
  • Agricultural greenhouse management.

The graduates will have the necessary skills in agribusiness as well as a sound knowledge of the structure and techniques of the profitable agribusiness sector. The graduates will be able to analyze the conditions of agro-industries, formulate strategies, implement plans and manage strategic change.

Al-Quds University