Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

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Bachelor's degree in architectural engineering

The department of architectural engineering (ArchE) targets the increasing demand of architects and provides top-notch architectural education that will contribute to the discipline, industry and society. In addition to the task of preparing students to the challenges of a changing global market, our location in Jerusalem presents its own challenges. With a balance between modernity and tradition, the curriculum will address societal, environmental and geopolitical challenges. Our approach intends to expand the boundaries of architectural design to incorporate the urban realm and to be responsive to cultural, socio-economic and environmental conditions. This approach is inspired from the University of California – Berkeley under “environmental Design” i.e., responsive to all factors in the surrounding environment. Through coursework and design studios, students are trained to look at the built environment as a living social ecology. Our graduates are provided with a holistic approach that enriches their global competitiveness and enables them to contribute in shaping a local sustainable existence in the particularly difficult conditions.

Today the program received around 200 students distributed among the five different years, and are being taught by a team of more than 15 staff members, full and part time, who have various experience in academia and practice. Students have participated in many architectural competitions and won many prices. Many of the studio projects were responsive to real problems following the demand of different cliental and individuals.

Al-Quds University