Bachelor of Dual Studies Electrical Engineering

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Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

The Dual Study-Electrical Engineering (DSEE) program offers the student both theory and practice at the same time. During 4 years of study, the student spends half of her/his time in partner companies that are interested in employing electrical engineers. Dual Studies is the first educational system not only in Palestine but also in the whole region, which contains cooperation with the private sector through offering the students theory and practice at the same time. Currently, more than 100 companies from north, central as well as from the south of Palestine are official partners of DSIE. The curriculum of DSEE was jointly developed with the private sector during workshops. This new form of university studies decreases the gap between university and private sector.

According to statements of the company’s owners, DSIE graduates have definitely a greater chance to continue their employment in the partner company where they have completed their practical periods. Here, they will not only learn engineering issues but also soft skills and customers’ relations.

Electrical Engineering is the engineering topic that qualifies engineers to work in a vibrant sector which is the energy sector, which is vital for the public sector, the industry, the commerce, the services, education, health, agriculture, and households.

Electrical Engineers have good opportunities in employment in the following main areas :

  • Electricity companies.
  • Clean energy.
  • Industries.
  • Construction.
  • Maintenance.
  • Research and Development.

This is a Dual Studies program, and therefore the academic year is divided into two equal semesters of 24 weeks each, and each semester is divided into two equal parts of 12 weeks each, the theoretical part implemented on University campus, and the practical part implemented in the partner company. This is an intensive program compared to the normal university tracks.

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