Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

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Bachelor's Degree in Economics

The Department of Economics offers the following majors: a single major, a major, and a sub-specialty. A group of full-time and part-time lecturers works in the Department of Economics. Students are accepted for the department’s main and sub-specialties after they fulfill the specialization requirements as indicated in the department’s academic plan.      By introducing the economics major, the department aims to meet the needs of the local labor market by preparing cadres with distinguished academic capabilities and possessing many skills that enable them to obtain job opportunities commensurate with the nature of their specializations and their scientific and practical capabilities, so that the graduate is qualified to work in the government and private sectors alike, including This includes administrative and financial work, in addition to research work and statistical analysis, while qualifying the student to complete his postgraduate studies in related disciplines.

Obtaining a university degree in economics requires the student to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge. The department is concerned with the practical and applied aspect by providing it with a number of applied courses, training courses and workshops, in addition to scientific knowledge.

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