Mahmoud Abu Samra

About (Short Biography)

I’m Mahmoud A Abu Samra, from Yata, Hebron.
I got my B.S& M. SC in physics & M.A (Educational Administration) from Al Quds University & Ph. D in Educational Administration from Khartoum University at 2003.
In 1983, I was hired as a lecturer in physics department, at Faculty of Sciences- Alquds University. Then in 2003 I was hired as assistance professor at faculty of education – Alquds University. At 2016 I had the rank of (Professor).

Research interests

– Educational Leadership
– Educational Administration and supervision areas
– Higher Education
– Total Quality in education

Teaching Activities

– Teaching graduate as well as undergraduate level courses
– Supervising Masters’ Theses


I have already published more than (70) research papers in both Arabic and English Languages, and two books, one of them in science research.

Such as:

1.Ja’far Wasfi Abu Saa, Mahmoud Ahmad Abu Samra.(2019). The Reasons of Job Alienation among the Faculty Members of Hebron & Al-Quds Universities. World Journal of Education,9(2), 65-72.
2. Abu Helu, Musallam., Abu Samra, Mahmoud., Faroun, Taher., Khateeb, Fatima and Lafee, Ziad. (2015). Managing Urbanization & Risk Accumulation Processes: Cases from East Jerusalem Occupied Palestinian Territories. GE-International Journal of Management Research , November 2015.
3. Mohammed Shuibat., 15. Mahmoud A Abu Samra., and Nida Shuibat. (2015). The Role of Education in Upholding the Development of Human Rights Regimes: the Case of the Palestinian Universities. World Journal of Education, Vol. 5, No. 5, pp 42-50.
4. Abu Samra, M. A. (2014). Leadership Skills of Faculty Members at Al – Istiqlal University: Cadets Point of Views. World Journal of Education (wje), Vol. 4, No. 3, pp 36 – 45.
5. Abu Samra, M. A. (2014). Admission Criteria at Palestinian Universities: Social Sciences Departments. International Journal of Development Research(IJDR), Vol.4, Issue.5, pp.982- 987

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