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The International Academic Relations Office concerned to create new links internationally with a variety of higher education institutions for academic exchange purposes and scholarships.

Students at AQU can spend from four to six months at a partner university during their exchange. Along with the opportunity to study abroad, AQU makes a priority to assist students in receiving financial support to cover the costs participating in the Academic Exchange Program.

The exchange program is vital to the academic experience where students can learn a foreign language and pursue their higher education abroad at one of Al-Quds University Partner Universities. Through the exchange, students learn to be self-dependent, while at the same time promote Palestinian culture and heritage to peers in their host country.

Mobility programs offer the opportunity for students to spend a semester abroad and studying courses within their field of study in accordance with exchange program requirements. Student register courses according to the university syllabus to be accredit at AQU upon completion of participation in the student exchange program.

AQU has long established mobility agreements with many academic intuitions, including universities in Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, UK, and USA.  With funding for these programs though Erasmus+, the funds provided covers for traveling, accommodations, and living expenses for students in the host country. Mevlana is another program which offers financial assistance for students looking to study in Turkish universities. Through Mevlana, living and accommodations expenses are covered for students.

In addition to AQU students having the opportunity to study abroad through the mobility program, AQU receives international students. By promoting internationalization at home, students are exposed to increase international awareness by their counterparts. Furthermore, AQU students are able to strengthen academic collaboration and expand their networks.

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