Reem Yaghmour

Mrs. Reem Yaghmour is a lecturer in biology department in college of Science &Tecnology. Finished the secondary school in 1981, then graduated from Alquds university &started work with Bachelor degree in1985 as a laboratory assistant, continued graduate studies& have a diploma degree in” Teaching Science” in 1986, Then in 1997 she had been graduated from AN-Najah university with Master in biology, worked there for one year & then returned back to Alquds university asstaff teaching member. She had been shared in some committies in the college ,designing& description of related courses.

Publications Books:
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2. Sawalha K.S., Khanfur H, Yaghmour R.M-R., (2005) Micro-Technique lab manual. Al-Quds University. Palestine.


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Other Activities

A. Workshop – Distance Learning and Quality Assurance.

– National Roundtables on Higher Education for Palestinian Faculty Development Program{PFDP}.On December 3rd – 4th 2011 Ramallah.

B.Member of Association for Integrated Rural Development “AIRD”-Ramallah.

Al-Quds University