Rana Darwish

Dr. Darwish has joined the preventive dentistry & periodontology department at the faculty of dentistry at AQU in 2008.

Ever since, she has been teaching preventive dentistry and community dentistry courses (both theory & clinical) for 3rd & 5th year dental students respectively.

She is also a clinical supervisor of local anesthesia clinics at AQU teaching clinics.

Throughout her academic career, Dr. Darwish has been an active member in various academic committees at the faculty.

She’s also been coordinating the ILO’s for the dental faculty & has also worked, along with other colleagues, within the University’s academic development committee.

Currently, she’s the head of quality assurance committee at the faculty.

Dr. Darwish is a member in the Palestinian & Jordanian Dental Associations & she’s an affiliated member in the American Dental Association.

Dr. Rana has given lectures at many scientific days and conferences in Palestine and within the MOH dental internship program since 2003.

Moreover, Dr. Darwish has worked as a dental education officer at the International Medical Education Trust (IMET2000-Pal) where she used to organize scientific days & workshops in various dentistry fields.

Focusing on a life-long learning career & professional development, Dr. Darwish is well involved in continuous education through participating in various national & international conferences & hands-on workshops in addition to online courses.

Since 2008, Dr. Rana has been representing AQU in various local and national community services & activities which are being performed on annual basis in collaboration with various Palestinian institutions that deal with students, impoverished children, elderly patients, orphans and special needs patients including blind & deaf children in addition to mental patients.

Dr. Darwish always supervises &carries out community field visits for dental students to plant the seeds of community contribution in future dentists.

Dr. Darwish holds a Masters Degree in Community & Public Health from Birzeit University 2002 and a Bachelor Degree in Dentistry DDS from Jordan University of Science & Technology.

Dr. Darwish research interests include community and preventive dentistry, occupational health mainly infection control in dental settings, environmental health and dental education.


  • Assessment of amalgam waste management in dental clinics in Ramallah and Al-Bireh cities, published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research
  • Evaluation of dental waste management in two cities in Palestine, published in the Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal.
  • Oral School Health Guidelines Booklet (Co-author). Published in 2003 by the Palestinian Ministry of Health- Oral Health Administration Department.
  • Assessment of oral health and medical findings among thalassemic patients (In Progress)
  • Dental students’ perceptions and knowledge of infection control procedures dental clinics (In Progress)

Al-Quds University