Raja Nawahda

Eng. Rajaa Nawahdah is a lecturer in the Electronics and Communication Engineering Dept., Najjad Zeeni Faculty of Engineering at Al-Quds University since 2003. She has been teaching a diversity of courses including Digital Logic Systems 1 & 2, Fundamentals of communication systems, Linear Network Analysis, Probability and Random Variables and Engineering Mathematics. Over the past 18 years, Eng Nawahdah served as a supervisor and examiner of many research and graduation projects addressing a wide array of applied and theoretical topics in information and communication engineering.

Eng. Nawahdah received her Master’s degree in Information and Communication Engineering from the Gerhard- Mercator-Universität Gesamthochschule Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany. Her research work focused on in-home networks, deploying powerline and Bluetooth networks. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Bir Zeit University. Eng Nawahdah received several scientific and academic scholarships during and after her study in Germany, including a scholarship from, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Aside of the professional career in information and communication engineering, Eng. Nawahdah is a passionate certified professional instructor in Yoga and Pilates. She is a member of the international Yoga Alliance.

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