Ola Hussein

About: Ola Hussein, Master degree in Community Mental health- School of Public Health/ Al-Quds University, Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Laboratory of Cognitive Science and Psychology- Department of Psychology at University of Rome “La Sapienza”- Rome- Italy

Research interests: Theory of mind, Emotion recognition, Domestic violence, Women’s mental health, PTSD, Post traumatic stress disorders, Cognitive Sciences and Mental States.

Teaching Activities: Introduction to Psychology, Descriptive and indicative statistics, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology and Interview skills in psychological counseling


  •  Hussein, O., Dajani, K., & Thabet, A. (2012). The effect of Domestic Violence on Women’s Mental Health in East Jerusalem, Arab Journal of Psychological Science, Volume 8, Number 36, p. 111–124, http://www.arabpsynet.com/pass_download.asp?file=36
  •  Poster:
    Hussein, O., Hünefeldt, T., Nardi, D., & Olivetti Belardinelli, M. (2014) Cross-cultural differences in adolescents’ theory of mind. Trent’anni del Dipartimento di Psicologia (1983-2013) attraverso i suoi contributi di ricerca: un incontro di saperi ed esperienze

Al-Quds University