Najwa Safadi

Najwa Sado Safadi, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at Al-Quds University, Department of Social Work. She received her Ph.D. in social work from Boston College with a concentration in poverty and social policy. She earned her master’s degree in social work with a concentration in community organizing from McGill University in Canada and her bachelor’s degree in sociology and social work from Bethlehem University, Palestine. Her research interests are poverty and social policy with an emphasis on anti-poverty policies, international aid, government performance, civic engagement and social welfare, in the Global South countries. Her research has appeared in a number of peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Safadi served as an abstract and manuscript reviewer for national and international conferences as well as several journals. She has been the principal investigator on five major research projects to date on topics related to social workers well-being, domestic violence and anti-poverty policies. In addition, Dr. Safadi has several years of experience in teaching and social work practice in Jerusalem and West Bank.

Al-Quds University