Mutaz Qutob

Prof. Mutaz Ali AlQutob is an environmentalist, biogeochemist, and poetry writer. He has published many scientific articles in international journals and has established a quality research laboratory at Al-Quds University.

He is interesting in Aquaculture, heavy metal pollution in food, water and in the environment in general.

Prof. Qutob has published many manuscripts in international journals, including:

I. Al-Khatib, G. Arafeh , M. Qutob, Health Risk Associated with Some Trace and Some Heavy Metals Content of Harvested Rainwater in Yatta Area,

Palestine, Water, 2019, 11, 238
Al-Qutob, M.A. and Al-Rimawi, F. (2016) Analysis of Different Rare Metals, and Rare Earth Metals in Harvested Rain Water in Gaza Strip/Palestine by ICP/MS-Data and Health Aspects. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 8, 905-912.
AlQutob M. A., Shqair H., Malassa H., Davis J-M., Al-Rimawi F. (2016), Determination of trace metals in harvested rain water after the November 2012 bombing in Gaza by using ICP/MS, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 7 (9) 3477-3488.

Al-Quds University