Mahmoud Alkhatib

Dr. Alkhatib is an assistant professor of physical chemistry. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technology from Al-Quds University in 1996. From that date he worked in Chemistry Department as teacher assistant in addition to supervising the university’s laboratories. He obtained master degree in organic chemistry from Al-Quds University in 2001. Since then, he worked as teacher for practical courses in Chemistry Department until 2013. Dr. Alkhatib held Ph.D. in physical chemistry in 2016from Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany. Since 2018 he has been the chairman of Chemistry Department at Al-Quds University.

Dr. Alkhatib developed practical chemistry and physical chemistry courses, who currently teaches. He is member many committees at the university. Awarded the highest impact factor for his research publications at Al Quds University for the academic year 2017/208. He also was provided a financial support for research by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The area of research interest is the change of isotope composition of elements as function of thermodynamic and kinetic factors affecting the chemical reactions in addition to the synthesis of novel organic compounds.

Dr. Alkhatib has published many manuscripts in international journals, including:
1- M. Alkhatib and A. Eisenhauer: Calcium and strontium isotope fractionation during precipitation from aqueous solutions as a function of temperature and reaction rate; II. Aragonite. GeochimicaetCosmochimicaActa, 209 (2017) 320-342.
2- M. Alkhatib and A. Eisenhauer: Calcium and strontium isotope fractionation in aqueous solution as function of temperature and reaction rate; I. Calcite. GeochimicaetCosmochimicaActa, 209 (2017) 296–319.

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