Maha Nahal

Maha Sudki Nahal RN,MSN, PhD is Dr in health care sciences from Gothenburg university/ Sweden.

Maha holds a Master’s degree in Maternal child health nursing in 1998 and a B.Sc. in Nursing in 1985. She joined the Nursing programs at alquds university in 1998 and give lectures at the levels of bachelor, upgrading, and Master degree in Nursing, and was the head of Nursing department in 2012-2014.

Maha nahal is expert in the areas of Midwifery as well as  Maternity nursing , pediatric nursing, Child’s Growth and development. Maha developed and taught courses concerning Pediatric nursing, Maternity nursing, Growth and development, women and and Neonatal health. Her research is focused on children with disabilities, maternal child health, nursing education, and women health.

Recent publications include:

  • -Nahal, M. S. H., Wigert, H., Imam, A., & Axelsson, Å. B. (2017). From Feeling Broken to Looking Beyond Broken. Journal of Family Nursing,1074840717697436.
  • Nahal, M. S., Axelsson, A. B., Imam, A., & Wigert, H. (2019). Palestinian children’s narratives about living with spina bifida: Stigma, vulnerability, and social exclusion. Child: Care, Health and Development, 45(1), 54.
  • Nahal, M. S. H., Wigert, H., Imam, A., & Axelsson, Å. B. (2021). Assessment of health status in adolescents with spina bifida in the West Bank, Palestine: sense of coherence and self-perceived health. Disability and Rehabilitation, 1-8.
  • Palestinian Elderly Women’s Needs and Their Physical and Mental Health” in Middle East Journal of Age & Ageing (2011, with A. Imam & D. Qaraqra.

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