Jamil Abu Ismail

Teaching Experience:
Dr Jamil Jamal taught the courses Calculus, linear algebra , abstract
algebra, real analysis, complex analysis , functional analysis ,
topology, number theory, statistics, differential equations, set theory
general mathematics , applied mathematics .

Academic History :

Dr Jamil Jamal Abu Ismail is an Assistant Professor in the Math. Department in the Faculty of Science and Technology . He is working in this College since 1987, where he worked for more than thirty four years as a lecturer at Al-Quds University in the Mathematics Department for both bachelors and masters of all levels and supervisors some of theses in mathematics. Also Dr. Jamil Abu Ismail was a chairman for the Department for Mathematician in the years 2007/2008 , 2008/2009 , 2019/2020 , and 2020/2021 up to now.

Dr. Jamil Abu Ismail shared in the development of courses in mathematics and study plans for both Bachelor and master.

Dr. Jamil Abu Ismail obtained the PhD degree in the Mathematics in 2006 from the University of Jordan , he obtained the master’s degree of mathematics in mathematical analysis in 1987 from the Yarmouk University in Jordan, and he obtained the Bachelor’s degree obtained in 1985 from the Yarmouk University in Jordan.

Dr. Jamil Abu Ismail interests focus on real analysis ,functional analysis ,topology , and number theory.

Al-Quds University