Dawoud Mahmoud Ayyad

Dr. Ayyad has completed a full a specialty program in Endodontics 2008-2011 in Hebrew University and is a post graduate resident at the Endodontic department of Hebrew University. He holds a Bachelor degree in dental surgery from Denepropetrovsk Medical Academia- Ukraine 1998.

Dr. Ayyad is a lecturer at the endodontic department of the Faculty of Dentistry- Al Quds University since 2011. He is also an elected member at the Palestinian Dental Association Council “2018-2020” and is an active member at the Palestinian Dental Association since 1999. He runs private practice as an endodontist at Ayyad Dental Center & Al-Bireh Dental Clinic. He previously worked as teaching assistant at the endodontic department of the faculty of dentistry- Al Quds University & as a general dentist at the Arab Health Center- Jerusalem from 1999-2004.

In 2015, Dr. Ayyad attended a complete training course with Dentsply in Switzerland and became a Dentsply Maillefer Certified Trainer. On Oct 2015, he Contributed in the 4th Pan Arab Endodontic Conference in Tunisia as a lecturer and since 2011 he is considered to be a national Endodontics Lecturer & Trainer at the Palestinian Continuing Education Program.

Al-Quds University