Amjad Salaymeh

Amjad Mohd Sa’di Salaymeh was born in Hebron city. He has the high school certificate at the year 1981. He has the BSc degree in Electrical Engineering with concentration on Communications form Yarmouk university in 1985.

He directly attended the MSc program in Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and obtained his Msc degree.

He has been teaching a diversity of courses including electrical circuits courses, electronic courses, electromagnetic courses, communications courses: analog, digital, information theory and coding, signals and systems, communications systems. In addition to digital logic design courses, applied math. for engineers’ course, engineering math. course, and Probability and Random Variables course. Over the past 30 years Mr. Salaymeh supervised various laboratories in different fields as electricity, electronics, communications, and programming and CAD tools (MatLab- Pspice- ORCad). He also supervised electrical engineering-dual studies students during their practice periods in the Palestinian companies.

Al-Quds University