Abdel Malik Al Rimawi

Research Publications:

The Standard of Military Judiciary Competence in Military Affairs, International Journal of Legal and Political Research, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2021
– Penal Protection of the Palestinian Material Heritage, Journal of Legal and Social Sciences, Algeria, Volume 5, Number 3, 2020
– A book entitled Political Systems and Constitutional Law, Constitutional Experiences, Preceding and Subsequent to the Palestinian National Independence Document, second edition, Jerusalem, 2013
– Human Rights and International Human Law, Publication of the Foundation (The Law), Jerusalem 2000
– Many research publications in Russian language

Committee membership:

– Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Law / Al-Quds University 2011/2014, 2019/2021.
– Member of the Palestinian Constitution Drafting Committee.
Coordinator and member of the committee to amend the system and instructions for graduate studies, Al-Quds University, 2006/2008, 2015/2018.
– Head of the Public Law Department at the Faculty of Law / Al-Quds University 2008/2010.
– Member of the Disciplinary Committee of the West Asian Football Federation 2018.

Al-Quds University