Master of Computer Science

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Master of Computer Science

Computer science and information technology are ones of the most evolving and progressive fields in the realm of modern sciences. The demand for experts in this applied scientific domain is experiencing a notable upsurge. Given the rapid expansion of its practical domains and the pressing need to cultivate expertise and research skills aligned with the demands of the job market, the Computer Science Department established in 1983 worked on the establishment of a master’s program in computer science in 2002. Subsequently, a master’s track concentrating on software engineering was introduced. The main objective was to provide the market with skillful and proficient individuals in scientific research methodologies and well-versed in the computer science domain’s ongoing advancements. This initiative does not only caters to the aspirations of information technology professionals seeking to augment their education with the latest insights but also empowers them to elevate their research skill, thereby facilitating their progression toward doctoral studies. Moreover, the program strives to refine students’ research and practical proficiencies, positioning them competitively in both local and international markets. The program has three tracks:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Cyber Physical Systems.

Al-Quds University